Mathilde Mack 

Instructor for Street Jazz

Mathilde Mack has been dancing hiphop / urban street at Bårdar.

Hilde Rustad 

Instructor for Hiphop

Hilde Rustad is from Silsand and has danced since she was 12. She has several years of experience in dance lessons and has a training course in Freestyle and Streetdance / Hiphop. In addition, she has studied dance at Folkehøygskole.

Hilde has competed a lot in dance - both in group and alone. Together with the Group Maneuvers, she got 1st place in NNM and NM! Today she is dancing in a showgroup at the TSI Dansademika next to the lecturer's education at UiT.

Anastasia Zykova

Instructor for Dancehall