12- week course prices

Workshop prices

One course                                                         450 NOK                                               

Two courses                                   450 NOK + 250 NOK

Three courses                                450 NOK + 500 NOK

For TSI Dansademika members

You have paid the 12-week course fee and the TSI-fee and/or have a Kraft membership.

50 NOK

For TSI members 

For students who are a member of one of the undergroups of Tromsøstudentens Idrettslag (TSI)  and have a Kraft membership. 

100 NOK

For non-members

For students and non-students, that are not a member of TSI Dansademika.

NB! You also have to pay a drop-in fee to Kraft if you do not have a Kraft membership.

200 NOK

So, there are three options for workshops:

  1. You are a Kraft member and TSI Dansademika member. You only have to pay for the workshop.
    Total: 50 NOK.
  2. You are a Kraft member, but not a TSI Dansademika member. You need to pay the non-member workshopfee to TSI Dansademika.
    Total: 200 NOK.
  3. You are neither a member of TSI, TSI Dansademika or Kraft. You need to pay the non-member workshopfee to Dansademika and a 95 NOK drop-in fee to Kraft.
    Total: 295 NOK.